Bethesda MRI Basics

The Facility
Bethesda MRI is the newest and most advanced MRI center in Montgomery County and in the Mid-Atlantic region. It provides the highest quality service and technology to patients and physicians in a relaxing setting. The full-time staff includes a board-certified technologist, board certified radiologists, and trained patient advocates.

The Machine
The Vantage™ MRI by Toshiba is designed for patient comfort. It comes equipped with revolutionary quiet technology that increases patient comfort and minimizes movement that in turn ensures better images. Specific features of the Vantage™ include an ultra-short bore length that means a patient’s head may remain entirely outside of the machine depending on the procedure. The Vantage’s 65cm opening is also wider than most MRIs, providing a spacious, less claustrophobic feeling during the exam.

The Bethesda MRI facility is located on 7830 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, Maryland a short drive from the Capitol Beltway and minutes from Wisconsin Avenue. Free parking is available for patients.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm; Saturday hours are available. Early morning and evening service is available by special appointment.

How to make an appointment
Patients can make appointments directly at tel. 301-657-2444 or fax. 301-657-2450. Patients may also request that their physician make an appointment on their behalf with Bethesda MRI.  

Insurance and Billing
Bethesda MRI accepts most insurance policies. If a patient has questions about acceptability it is recommended that he or she call Bethesda MRI at 301-657-2444 for confirmation prior to an appointment.

Simplified combined billing is another feature offered to patients. Bethesda MRI combines the fees for the MRI scan and the fees of the radiologist into one simplified bill. This way patients receive one bill for all of their MRI related services instead of the two bills that other centers often issue.